• Lucila Planas

Our Aromatic Champion - Authentically fresh and floral

Although Torrontes is grown throughout Argentina, Salta’s high elevation vineyards offer the best Torrontes wines which are notable for their floral aromas and general dry style. With just 20,000 acres of planted Torrontes in Argentina, it may not be the most popular wine, but it certainly is the emblematic white wine, since it is only grown in our country and over the years it has become our champion making its stage across the world.

Torrontes is a natural cross between the mission grape and the sweet Muscat of Alexandra grape.  This crossing was made naturally over the years and Torrontés has found its place in the North of Argentina, especially in

Salta, because these grapes thrive in sunny climates.

El Porvenir boasts 15 hectares of Torrontes grapes located in Finca El Retiro located just 2 blocks from Cafayate’s town square.  The vineyards were planted 65 years ago in parral or pergola, the old system which is ideal since it produces medium luminosity on the grape bunches, allowing a unique floral aromatic expression. The soils are very deep and mainly sandy which naturally regulates the vigor of the vines. 

The vineyards create the natural surrounding for our vineyard home stays and experiences we host throughout the year.  For more information on El Porvenir Casa de Bodega, click here.

Pairs with: Salmon, Ceviche, Tai Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, Scallops

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