• Lucila Planas

Karp Schreiber - From bone dry to wickedly sweet

"Karp Schreiber" is a Riesling wine, Aromatic & Off-dry, a tasty wine that pairs especially well with seafood, peppers and other spicy ingredients, meat, and of course, desserts, due to it's naturally sweet taste.

"Riesling" grapes, originally native to Germany, have become a popular wine-making grape in Europe, became a staple grape in Austria and France as well, before being grown in Washington State, Ontario, and of course, British Columbia.

Riesling grapes have a fine, sweet taste, although not all Riesling wines are sweet, with some having an off-dry taste, making it an excellent pairing for aforementioned seafoods, peppers, meats, and cheese.

Riesling wines are often mixed with fruits, such as apple, peach, or citrus, with Karp Schreiber offering intense citrus, apples, honey, peaches, and apricot flavors.

Best pairings are with Chinese food, Pork, and take-out Thai food.

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