The Karp-Schreiber estate, family owned since 1664, lies in the heart of the Mosel. This unique wine-making region starts southwest of the ancient city of Trier and follows the Mosel river through the Rhineland to Koblenz where the Mosel joins the Rhine. Dramatic, slate covered slopes are the key to the Mosel’s wine quality. Estate manager, Alwin Karp, is the sixteenth generation owner, and along with his winemaker son, Jobst Julius, tend 6 hectares of Riesling, which they cultivate on the winery’s steep slopes that include a patch of Grand Cru Juffer Sonnenuhr vines. Since the terrain is too steep for machinery, hand picking is the only option throughout this winery that highlights a new winemaking technique where the sweetness is kept light to buffer the acidity. In 2018 the winery was awarded the title "Überduchschnittliches Weingut" by the wine magazine, Eichelmann. This winery has also been awarded high scores for its wines by Wine & Spirits and Wine Enthusiast magazines.

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