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Winery: Capel
Area: Elqui Valley
Grapes: Muscat, Pedro Jimenez and Torontel
SKU: 317347
Alc/Vol: 40%
Price: $ 32.99

Origin: Elqui Valley

Harvest : Handpicked grapes in 14kg boxes from 12 to 22 October

Winemaking Process: Grapes selected by aromatic intensity, pressed, fermented to obtain wine then transferred to Copper Pot Stills for distillation. High Quality: Double distilled and three times filter

Color: clear

Aroma: Herbal and fruity

Flavor: Satin body with grape flavors infused with spice, herbs and pepper notes.

Pair with: Cocktails


Lugana DOC 2017
Winery: Monte del Fra
Area: Lugana, Veneto
Grapes: 100% Trebbiano di Lugana
Vintage: 2017
SKU: 208731
Alc/Vol: 13%

Origin: Estate located in Peschiera del Garda, a small area to the south-east of Lake Garda.

Harvest: 1-10 of October. Limestone and gravelly soils, with stones.

Winemaking Process: The yield is around 2 kg per vine. Maturation for 3/4 months on its lees.

Color: Straw yellow, with greenish highlights.

Aroma: Clean, fragrant and precise, with delicate scents of blossoms, underripe apricots, peach and almonds.

Flavor: Dry, tangy and well-balanced.

Pair with: Fish hors d’oeuvres, rice and pasta dishes in broth and bean soups; baked and stuffed vegetable dishes and fish


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