Patagonia Imports Ltd is a Well-Established and Personable Wine and Spirits Importer company in Canada. With their roots in business, encouraged by many friends, Ricardo Revello Lerena founded the company in 2006.

The company’s portfolio features predominantly Sustainable and Organic Wines from State Grown Family Owned Wineries.


Focusing on Quality Wines with 90+ Points Wine Advocate, Wine Enthusiast and Canadian writers with Exceptional Award-Winning Brands.


Patagonia Imports Ltd is a passionate, authentic, quality wine importing company. Their team believes in creating excellent long-lasting relationships with suppliers and customers offering outstanding & personalized service. They strive to build recognized brands by continuously educating their clients and businesses with cocktail training and wine seminars.


They have Years of Successful Sales with their Portfolio at mostly Government Liquor Stores and Restaurants in Canada and create their own labels to improve sales.


Today Patagonia Imports Ltd. strives on selling EXCELLENT QUALITY WINES and maintaining relationships with winemakers and owners of the wineries so that they can offer the market the best of wines at great prices.

Ricardo and Lucila were born and raised in Argentina. They grew up surrounded by family and friends that were involved in the wine industry, some of whom owned vineyards and exported wines.

"Growing up in Argentina, going to dinner at friends and families homes on vineyards gave us only one choice of drink the dinner table, water and wine, no exceptions."


  • We are brand builders; dynamic, distinctive and innovative in our approach.

  • We provide outstanding wines and unsurpassed service to deliver premium value to our partners.

  • We value our customers and aspire to encourage their development by providing the best available products in the market.

  • We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and every aspect of our business.



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Ricardo Revello Lerena

Ricardo Revello was born in Argentina, he grew up surrounded by family and friends that were involved in the wine industry, some of whom owned vineyards and exported wines.

Ricardo has a Law Degree from Buenos Aires University and more than 10 years of experience in Law in both Argentina and New York. Later he obtained a Diploma in Maritime Law at UBA and Capital Market at UCA.

In 2005 Ricardo moved to Canada where he settled in Vancouver.  He worked as a full-time ski instructor in Whistler and in a Law Firm until he found Patagonia Imports Ltd. 

Ricardo believes that it is important to assist the buyers in purchasing the best wine available from the best wine regions. In addition, he helps suppliers with different market opportunities, tax prices and marketing strategies to successfully build the brand and their business in the competitive world.


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Lucila Planas

Lucila Planas was born in a family who are part owners of Finca Los Sarmientos Winery in San Juan, Argentina and in Cerros de San Juan in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

Lucila obtained a Post University degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management at New York University and Post-University Degree in Marketing from the Catholic University in Argentina. In 2005 Lucila moved to Canada where she settled in Vancouver. Lucila has shown a passion for food, wine and travel for over 15 years in Argentina and in Canada.


Cory Rossignol

Cory studied Business Marketing and Communications at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, International Shipping in Munich, and Personal Fitness Training in Auckland, New Zealand. While living in and travelling to different parts of the world, Cory has developed her wine knowledge and experience of local grape varietals, regions, and wine cultures. She has a keen interest in wine and in continuing to expand her knowledge in that area while also committing her energy and support to our team and clients.



Candice Rosa

Candice brings with her not only 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the wine industry but also a passion for wine, perfume, food, travel, language and culture.  A veteran of wine, she has a proven success rate in the selling, marketing and distribution sectors of the wine industry in North America, including such responsibilities as North American Export Manager to a European-based wine distributor.



David P.

David is a software developer and multimedia producer who joined Patagoinia Imports in late 2020. David brings his knowledge of office administration, software/web development, troubleshooting, cold calling, and graphic design.