Patagonia Imports

Patagonia Imports Ltd. is a liquor agent and distributor actively marketing in the Canadian Government Sector, the Private Sector and Restaurants, facilitating the sales, brand building, and managing the importation and domestic distribution of wine and premium spirits from family-owned and prestigious wineries.

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Why Patagonia Imports?


Over 20+ years experience in the wine industry Internationally.

High Value

All our wines are high quality, they taste great and are high value wines.

Top Wines

Our wines are award winning, Internationally proven and established unique wines.


We offer seminars & events where we are passionate about educating wine lovers on what makes a great wine.

Review & Testimonial

  • Build Recognized Brands

    Build Recognized Brands

    “Patagonia Imports knows wine and knows how to help us sell it. Their team strives to build recognized brands by educating their clients through cocktail training and wine seminars. With years of successful sales from their portfolio, they have become industry leaders throughout Western Canada.”
      - Daisy Taneja Langford BCLS

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Awards & Recognition

Our Clients


We represent and market unique wines.

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Stores & Restaurants

We sell wines at wholesale to stores, restaurants, and more.

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We educate people on what makes our wines the best.

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Patagonia Imports

Quality, High Value, Local & International Wine Selections From Unique Wineries

Patagonia Imports is a team of Canadian-Argentinian wine connoisseurs based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We have been providing impeccable level of customer service and industry knowledge for more than 10 years. As consultants and sales representatives, we have built well established connections within the hospitality and liquor industry for the sale, marketing, and distribution of the exceptional wines.

+1 604-904-8686

Fax: 604-648-9841 

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