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Patagonia Imports Ltd. is a wine merchant with headquarters in Vancouver, dedicated to importing a select and prestigious portfolio from state-growing wine producers from old and new world wineries. We represent these premium products at Government and Private Liquor Stores, Trade Shows and specialty events; as well as engaging in ongoing communication with licensees, hotels, restaurants, bars, and other institutions.
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Argentina - El Porvenir

Laborum 2013

100% Torrontes

A pleasant and fragrant bouquet with notes of pear, nectarine and honey-suckle. Well-balanced wine with good acidity.

PAIR WITH: sushi, seafood, spicy food, Asian and Thai cuisine

SKU: +173526

Ratings and Awards: 91 PTS Gold Medal

Amauta Blend 2012

60% Malbec, 30% Cab.Sauv. 10% Syrah

PAIR WITH: pasta, blue cheese, grilled lamb and beef

SKU: +210450

Ratings and Awards: 92 PTS Silver Medal

Argentina - Luis Segundo Correas

Valle Las Acequias 2011

100% Malbec

This complex, refined wine defines the nobility of the Argentine Malbec. The oak provides elegance and soft vanilla touches red fruit. Concentrated, balanced tannins, and greate persistence.

PAIR WITH: roasted meats, cheese and savory foods

SKU: +466722

Ratings and Awards: 90 PTS Gold Medal

Valle Las Acequias 2011

100% Bonarda

New Vintage

PAIR WITH: roasted meats

SKU: +191833

"El Cipres" 2014

100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Sweet, balanced and persistent tannins with long and unctuous finish.

PAIR WITH: beef short ribs and other braised beef dishes

SKU: +895979

"El Cipres" 2014

100% Malbec

The smokey oak provides an elegant touch of vanilla. The palate has notes of vanilla and fresh fruits. The osk gives an elegant smoke and vanilla touch. Good length in the finish.

PAIR WITH: red meats and cheese

SKU: +263236

Chile - Capel

Pisco Reserve

70% Muscat, 15% Torrontel, 15% Pedro Jimenez

Excellent in cocktails such as: PISCO SOUR, mojitos, daiquiris and margaritas.

PAIR WITH: ceviche, spicy food and appetizers

SKU: +317347

Ratings and Awards: 93 PTS Wine Enthusiast

Pisco Alto Del Carmen


Excellent in cocktails such as: PISCO SOUR, mojitos, daiquiris and margaritas Pair with: ceviche, spicy food and appetizers


SKU: +317347

Ratings and Awards: 93 pts Wine Enthusiast Gold Medal San Francisco

Moai Reserve Plus


Delicate fruit aroma with eight months in American wood Oak.


SKU: +317420

Pisco Sour Pre-Mix Light


Natural low-calorie sour cocktail. Ready to drink!


SKU: +797092

Pisco Toffee Cream Pre-Mix

Soft Sweet Caramel and Toffee

Cocktail produced with Pisco and rum with cream, caramel and toffee. With a milk-coffee color, its aroma has soft sweet caramel, toffee and cream notes.


SKU: +264754

Pisco Mango Pre-Mix

Sweet & Tropical

Combines a delicate mango aroma with a tropical mango flavor. Pleasant balance of sweet tropical fruit and the citric acid taste of lemons, plus the elegance and softness of Pisco alcohol.


SKU: +662544

Pisco Pina Colada Pre-Mix

Pineapple and Coconut

Based on Pisco and rum with milk cream and intense notes of pineapple and coconut. Ideal to drink with frappe ice. Its flavor will take you straight away to the Caribbean.


SKU: +398412

Chile - Oops

OOPS 2015


Unusual blend of white and red explodes with intense fruit. Slightest hint of herbs and white pepper. Fresh on palate, soft and long persistence.

PAIR WITH: sushi, seafood, salads and chicken

SKU: +405761

OOPS 2014


Deep ruby in colour with good structure and silky texture. Sensual flavours of black and red fruit mingle with intense spicy notes. Soft tannins with an elegant finish.

PAIR WITH: heavier meat, pasta and cheese

SKU: +72777

Ratings and Awards: 89 PTS Wine Diva

OOPS 2015


Beautiful violet red colour. Intensely aromatic. Medium bodied and juicy.

PAIR WITH: roasted beef, duck and lamb with goat cheese

SKU: +401257

France - Chateau Pomeaux

Chateau Pomeaux 2005


Blackberry, black liquorice and raspberry on the nose are super enticing. Full-bodied, solid core of ripe fruit and silky tanins.

PAIR WITH: stew, prime ribs, lamb or roasted chicken

SKU: +79772

Chateau Pomeaux 2000


Attractive chocolate, walnut aromas with hints of plums. Full body, with silky tannins and a fresh and clean finish. Very refined and beautiful. Drink now.

PAIR WITH: chicken or lightly-spiced dark meats

SKU: +794289

Germany - Karp-Schreiber

My Karp 2015

100% Riesling

This refreshing off dry Riesling offers intense citrus and apricot. Steely fresh, delicate and fine with long finish.

PAIR WITH: seafood, jalapeno or tamatillo in snapper dish

SKU: +543967

Germany - Kloster Eberbach

Berg Roseneck Feinherb 2014

100% Riesling

Harmonized and intensive with abundant fruit aroma.

PAIR WITH: barbecue, pasta or white meat

SKU: +654889

Italy - Fattoria Le Calvane

Quercione Chianti Colli Fiorentini 2014

Smooth, Warm and Polished

On the palate it is very smooth, warm and polished. Delicately structured wine with sauve tannins and good acidity.

PAIR WITH: simple fair like pizza and pasta

SKU: +405258

Oltre Strada IGT 2011

95% Sangiovese, 5% Merlot

Sipping this wine will make you feel its character and elegance. A taste of long duration with generous flavors of fruit is allied with hints of red fruit.

PAIR WITH: pasta dishes, green vegetables and roasts

SKU: +282707

Italy - Il Molino Di Grace

Chianti Classico 2011 DOCG Gran Selezione

100% Sangiovese

Carmelised plums and hints of dark spices and cranberries. Leather and cigar-box aromas. Good balance of coffee, chocolate and black fruit aromas.

PAIR WITH: pizza, tomato sauce, charcuterie, variety of meats or sausages

SKU: +660217

Chianti Classico 2013

100% Sangiovese

Hints of red fruits and flowers with full, soft tannins, good structure, persistent finish.

PAIR WITH: Tuscan salami and ham or pasta with medium bodied sauces

SKU: +859033

Italy - Monte Del Fra

Ca Del Magro 2012

40% Garganega 20% Trebbiano Toscano 5% Tocai Friulano 10% Cortese 10% Chardonnay-Riesling Italico-Malvasia 15% Incrocio Manzoni

Aromatic dry white wine with scent of wild flowers and exotic fruit. Dry, tangy and full-bodied, leaving a long aftertaste.

PAIR WITH: sushi, oysters, sashimi, pasta, meats and white fish

SKU: +216077

Bardolino 2013

65% Corvina 30% Rondinella 5% Sangiovese

Delicately fruity and fragrant with notes of berries and hints of spices. Dry, rounded and lightly spicy yet fresh and easy to drink.

PAIR WITH: light meats, cold cuts and fish

SKU: +283648

Lena Di Mezzo Amarone 2011

80% Corvina Veronese 20% Rondinella

Extremely elegant, well-balanced and velvety but robust, complex, dry, full-bodied, generous and austere at the same time.

PAIR WITH: braised meats and mature cheese

SKU: +216085

Corvina Veronese 2012

100% Corvina

Deep ruby red with notes of cherries and pepper. Elegant and rounded wine with gentle tanins after taste.

PAIR WITH: grilled meats, vegies and young cheese

SKU: +892687

Ripasso 2013

80% Corvina Veronese 20% Rondinella

Richly aromatic with overtones of grilled herb, pekoe tea leaf and smoke, accenting the damson plum, red currant and liquorice flavours.

PAIR WITH: hard cheese, roasted poultry and roasted or braised beef

SKU: +883314

Italy - Nicosia

Sicilia Grillo Organic 2015

Certified Organic

Fragrant bouquet of floral and citrusy notes, featuring hints of aromatic herbs. Great freshness and savoriness, with a full and lingering taste.

PAIR WITH: grilled vegetables, salads and vegetarian dishes.

SKU: +958900

Sicilia Nero D'Avola Organic 2015

Certified Organic

Pleasant hints of cherry and sweet spices that are also perceived by the palate, supported by a fine structure and long-lasting taste.

PAIR WITH: baked pasta with meat sauce, roasts and stew, aged cheese

SKU: +257618

Italy - Sommariva

Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Brut

100% Glera

This brilliant straw-yellow wine shows rich aromas of citrus fruit and fresh veggies. Its fine bubbles give clean finish, making it excellent for the table.

PAIR WITH: fish, seafood, sushi or sashimi

SKU: +860619

Millesimo Brut Prosecco Doc

Persistent Clean Taste

Its fine perlage ensures a persistent taste which is clean on the palate, making this the sparkling wine excellence for the table.

PAIR WITH: raw fish, shell-fish, aged cheese and vegetables

SKU: +747261

Prosecco Doc Treviso Extra Dry

Soft Dry Citrus

Aromas of apple and pear with a hint of citrus fruit which fades into floral bouquet. Soft, yet at the same time dry, thanks to its good acidity.

PAIR WITH: vegetable soup, seafood, pasta dishes, cheese or white meats

SKU: +966267

Spain - Abanico

Eternum Viti 2011

100% Tinta De Toro

Blackberry, blueberry, vanilla and floralaromas. Plush and energetic, with sappy black and blue fruit and violet flavours.

PAIR WITH: all meats, especially roasted lamb

SKU: +119198

Spain - Cellers Baronia

Cims 2012

26% Red Grenache 74% Carignan

The aim is to enhance the fruit mostly from native varieties . Grenache and Carignan along with some light notes of wood from its 5 months of aging in barrels.

PAIR WITH: grilled steak, marinated poultry or moist, braised brisket, spicy and savory vegetables.

SKU: +613448

Spain - Wine in Tube

Jana Cabernet Sauvignon

Dark Fruity Tone

A deep red-colored wine with a dark violet tone, fruity character and well-integrated tannic structure.

PAIR WITH: red meat, stews and cold meats.

SKU: +898353

Jana Tempranillo

Fruit-driven Wine

An aroma of overripe red fruits, wild strawberries, blackberries and plum compote. Fruit-driven wine of good structure.

PAIR WITH: white and red meats such as lamb, beef and poultry.

SKU: +845792



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